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Order, Circulation and Metabolism
Order encourages flow.......

One of the greatest examples of that is ..... electricity.  Just imagine what would happen if you had the freedom to excersise your talents, find ways to be creative etc. without the burden of having to manage "stuff"? what would you do?

Sometimes I think I know what I would do, and sometimes I think that there are possibilities I had not even begun to imagine yet.

I also realized that the majority of what we have are really possessions.  Things that we do not necessarily use, but things that we like to have
There are very few things that we really use every day, the rest is just there....
We tend to try to possess things instead of experiencing them.  I guess it is easier to hold on to a possession than to a memory. 

I think the remedy to that is to make your life interesting all the time, so that you find the present more exciting than the past.  I know it is true for me. 

It is truly amazing to me that once I started to get rid of my things, I began to lose weight, I became empowered with the knowledge that I was in control of my household, not the other way around.  And, surprising thing of all, I had no desire to bring anything home, at all. 

My goal became to make my house transparent, i.e. to know exactly what I had at all times, and to eliminate those mystery storage spaces.  I wanted to see walls and floor.

The more I did it, the easier it became. 

It also became clear that in our home spaces have a certain metabolism.  It is about how fast what we bring into our homes ends up being used up.  Some of it is food, some of it is household supplies, some of it are clothes etc.  My goal is to acquire according to our needs so that the excess does not become "house fat".  The "just in case" stuff usually precipitates somewhere and turns into an archaeological find when you have to move.  I had to change my buying patterns and not be as "greedy".  Wasting resources is the equivalent of junk food.  You just end up losing money, resources, peace of mind etc., for what? for that quick fix?  not worth it for me.......
We all have limited resources, so instead of wasting them on material things, which just clutter up my space and do not give me a return for my investment,
I decided to become a USER not a CONSUMER.  As a user, my primary goal is to experience something.   After all, what can you carry with you that no one can take away from you?  Knowledge!  Dance class, cooking class, trying to learn to do something new etc.  Instead of buying a book, use the library version. 
Just making sure that our daily activity does not leave a permanent material footprint in our house.  Things need to circulate.   Hording things keeps them out of general circulation, creates a stagnation in one spot, and a vacuum in another.

Besides, how many things can to carry with you to the grave?  We will all die one day, and someone would have to sort our possessions then. 
Have you ever wondered how some families managed to live in one room for years and manage their stuff and a multitude of people and keep everything neat?

How many people grow up not having much, but have incredibly rich lives?

What would you really do if you had very little?  Haven't you managed before?

What if you had to rely on your own wits to find a solution instead of going to the store for it?

Are you using things you have to their maximum capacity? 

Why is it so easy to waste resources?

those are the questions i asked myself when thinking about my "house fat".
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