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Look around your living space.  How many things do you touch, handle or come in contact with every day? 
What about the rest of the stuff?  How much of your stuff do you end up storing vs. using over a period of a year?

 What if instead of seeing body fat on ourselves or others we saw the unused stuff, junk, extra baggage, that fills our homes?
What if we judged each other based on the amount of that accumulated stuff we store in our environment?

Who would come out looking pretty fat then? 
Since fat is a stored and unused resource, our stuff is really house "fat".

It is probably good to keep some quantity of house "fat" around.  After all, you don't want to run out of food after each meal.  Or soap after each time you shower.....

But, most households are in no danger of running out of that kind of stuff.  The trouble is the kind of stuff that becomes a "precipitate" and settles to the depths of our garages, closets, attics, cupboards, drawers, far away shelves, etc.....

Those storage places end up like eddies in a river; they catch all the slower flowing debris and allow it to accumulate in those spots.... until the debris fills it up and forms the new margins of the stream, which used to be a river........

While by nature I am very organized and like to keep things simple, as you might have guessed it, I fell into patterns of acquisition and ended up with a severely restricted living space, precisely on the count of such eddies and pits.   As a result, when my saturation point reached critical mass, I decided to really change it all.  But not as a good clean up, but as a lifestyle change to never again repeat this crippling condition.

In the process of becoming more and more aware of how I accumulate this junk, I came to some interesting conclusions, made valuable observations and in general put myself on the path to freedom.

In doing so, I realized that i may not be the only one with these thoughts and musings, and that there must be others whose experience I may benefit from or those who may benefit from mine.

So, this site is about reaching freedom from managing unnecessary junk and really living most creatively and happily.

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